Helping Hands Alaska
We are committed to sending and supporting Jason and Jonie Mellinger in their calling to serve in the mission field of Alaska. 

With multiple missions organizations needing help with the physical needs of their pastors and missionaries in the Alaska Bush, we are partnering with Community Covenant of Fairbanks to see that the Mellinger's can fulfill the calling the Lord has placed upon them. 

For the last 10 years they have been serving internationally in 42 different language groups in 5 countries. They saw a need for someone to help the missionaries with their daily struggles of power problems and their vehicles and houses falling apart. Installing solar power systems, wiring, plumbing, building and fixing houses; refrigeration, boat, aircraft, vehicle, four wheeler and motorcycle maintenance, and other skills, there isn't too many things Jason and Jonie haven't been able to do to help keep the missionaries teaching and translating the Bible, instead of worry about problems they aren't able to deal with themselves either from lack of time or ability. 

Now, they are here in Alaska serving village missionaires and pastors around the State. To be part of the mission, or to request help for you or someone you know, contact them at:


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